Trainer: Joost Holstvoogd
Date: 27/09/2024
Location: Baarn
Price:  4.523,00

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BC 5701 Implementation professional

In this intensive 6-day BC 5701 Implementation Professional course, you will gain knowledge and understand the success criteria of the GDPR Certification Standard and Criteria BC 5701:2023, and practice key skills to properly apply the implementation. The aim is for you to learn to apply the BC 5701 effectively in different organizational contexts and successfully prepare organizations for their certification.

Prior knowledge

For this programme, we assume knowledge and experience of project management, and organizational knowledge and insight at the level of University of applied sciences (HBO). If you do not have this experience, then the course in the ‘applied education‘ variant is probably a better choice.

Target group

This course is designed for professionals who want to guide organizations in successfully implementing the GDPR certification standard BC 5701. You already have the necessary experience in guiding organizations towards their GDPR compliance and may have been involved in implementing a framework of standards before. The GDPR holds few surprises for you. You probably also have knowledge of or affinity with the field of information security.

  • Consultants;
  • Internal or external project managers who want to successfully guide GDPR certification standard and criteria BC 5701:2023 implementations;
  • Process or product owners who wish to have their processing operations certified;
  • DPOs.

Staying up-to-date

If you have participated in a BC 5701 training course, you will be invited to the annual expert sessions. During these sessions, the latest developments regarding the GDPR Certification Standard and criteria BC 5701:2023 are discussed. Learning moments and insights from implementation processes and certification audits are shared. This keeps you up-to-date and the training retains its value.

What is not covered within this training

There are more relevant disciplines that are important for successfully guiding implementation, which are not or hardly addressed in this programme. This programme does not cover change management, project management and the meaning of the GDPR.

Alternatives to this training

If you do not want to use the standard for certification purposes, but as a guideline for demonstrating adequate implementation of the GDPR, take a look at the BC 5701 Benchmark training.


Delineation of certification

  • Identifying, establishing and validating object of certification
  • Determining the scope

Clarifying all requirements

  • Mapping out the processing chain
  • Establishing additional requirements
  • Translating requirements into requirements

Ensuring compliance

  • The role and functioning of the management system
  • Making sense of policy

Risk management

  • Essentials of privacy risk management
  • Connecting information security to privacy
  • Linking with privacy by design

Assessment of implementation

  • Differences between product and management system certification
  • Building blocks of the GDPR Certification Standard and Criteria BC 5701:2023
  • Coherence of the GDPR Certification Standard and Criteria BC 5701:2023

The implementation process

  • Establishing a project approach
  • Success factors related to the implementation project


You will complete the course with a written exam. If you pass this exam, you will receive the official certificate ‘BC 5701 Implementation Professional’ and, if you wish, you will be registered in Brand Compliance‘s ‘BC 5701 Professionals register’.

Study load

The training has no compulsory homework, but preparing yourself for the next training day will greatly benefit your learning efficiency. In addition, you should independently study the GDPR Certification Standard and Criteria BC 5701:2023. Allow for an average study load of 4 hours per study day.

The exam is a so-called ‘open book exam’. This means that you may consult the standard during the exam. Therefore, take the time to study the standard thoroughly prior to the training so that you know your way around during the exam.

Location & dates

The training will be provided by Joost Holstvoogd of Piims Academy.

Day 1

  • Friday 27 September 2024
  • 9 AM – 5 PM

Day 2

  • Friday 4 October 2024
  • 9 AM – 5 PM

Day 3

  • Friday 11 October 2024
  • 9 AM – 5 PM

Day 4

  • Friday 18 October 2024
  • 9 AM – 5 PM

Day 5

  • Friday 8 November 2024
  • 9 AM – 5 PM

Day 6

  • Friday 15 November 2024
  • 9 AM – 5 PM


Kasteel Groeneveld
Groeneveld 2
3744 ML Baarn
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Group size

This training will take place when a minimum of 8 participants have registered. With 12 enrolments, the group is full. You can then sign up for the waiting list.


€4,523 (excl. VAT) €5,472.83 (incl. VAT)

The price includes:

  • Course materials
  • Exam and diploma fees
  • A bound version of the BC 5701
  • Package costs (location, lunch, coffee/tea/water)

Not included:

Costs related to any (overnight) stay.