Trainer: Joost Holstvoogd
Date: 30/09/2024
Location: Bussum
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BC 5701 foundation

This course gives you a quick insight into ‘ins and outs’ of the GDPR Certification Standard and Criteria BC 5701:2023. You will learn what the standard entails, how it connects to existing standards such as ISO 27001, BIO and NEN 7510. After this foundation course, you will understand how to deploy the BC 5701 and what it means for you and your organisational unit when you start working with the BC 5701.

In this intensive 2-day course, you will learn what demonstrable GDPR compliance according to the BC 5701 entails. You will learn to understand the key requirements of the BC 5701 so that you can assess the impact on your business unit. You will learn how GDPR certification is substantially different from existing standards and how they fit together. After this course, you will understand what demonstrable GDPR compliance means in the context of your organisation’.

Insider information

This course is appropriate if you have at least general knowledge of the GDPR and experience in processing and/or protecting personal data.

Target audience

  • You are a professional with an important role in processing and/or protecting personal data.
  • For example, you are (C)ISO, product owner, manager of a department, or privacy professional.
  • You are not the person who will or wants to lead a certification process, but you do want to know what the application of the standard means for your department, product or service.

This training is suitable for
Any professional who has a role in processing and/or protecting personal data.

Stay up to date

If you have participated in a BC 5701 training course, you will be invited to the annual expert sessions. During these sessions, the latest developments regarding the GDPR Certification Standard and criteria BC 5701:2023 are discussed. Learning moments and insights from implementation processes and certification audits are shared. This keeps you up-to-date and the training retains its value.


Are you familiar with the GDPR and have the following questions? Then this course is suitable for you.

Training content

  • What’s in it for us? The value of GDPR certification.
  • How is GDPR certification different? The principles of the BC 5701.
  • What can you certify? And what you can’t!
  • What are the impactful requirements and what should you look out for?
  • How does certification differ for controllers and processors?
  • What do you gain from information security standards and how do you connect them?
  • Where is the crux in demonstrating GDPR compliance?

What is not included in this training

This training does not cover the requirements of the GDPR itself (these are assumed to be known) or how to implement the standard. Are you more interested in the practical implementation of the BC 5701? Then take a look at the BC 5701 Implementation Professional course, it is probably better suited to you.

In doubt about the right choice? Feel free to call, and we will be happy to think along with you.


Your personal professional development is central to this course, which is why this course does not conclude with an exam. You will receive a certificate of participation if you have attended both days of the course.

Study load

The course has no compulsory homework. However, we do expect you to have independently studied the GDPR Certification Standard and Criteria BC 5701:2023 prior to the course. Please allow for a study load of 8-12 hours.

Location & dates

The training will be delivered by Joost Holstvoogd of Piims Academy.

Day 1

  • Monday 30 September 2024
  • 09.00 – 17.00

Day 2

  • Tuesday 1 October 2024
  • 09:00 – 17:00


NH Hotel Jan Tabak
Amersfoortsestraatweg 27
1401 CV Bussum
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Group size

This training course will take place when a minimum of 8 participants have registered. With 15 registrations, the group is full. You can still register for the waiting list.


€ 1,698 (excl. VAT) € 2,054.58 (incl. VAT)

The price includes

  • Course material
  • A bound version of the BC 5701
  • Package costs (location, lunch, coffee/tea/water)

Not included:

Costs related to possible accommodation


  • Joost Holstvoogd

    Joost is author of the BC 5701 and involved in the BC 5701 approval process as a core team member. In short, Joost knows all about the BC 5701 and its translation into practice.